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BSG Hiatus Ficathon

Hiatus Ficathon

Battlestar Galactica Hiatus Ficathon Community
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The Cylonbunnies

The cylonbunnies were created by the muses.
They rebelled.
They evolved.
They look and feel like plotbunnies.
Some are programmed to think they are plotbunnies.
There are many variations.
And they have a Plan.

Welcome to the BSG (2003) Hiatus Ficathon LJ community.

This is a community for the BSG ficathons we're going to run during the series screening hiatus in Spring and Autumn each year. We have to get our fix somewhere, right?

The most recent ficathon was the November 2005 ficathon, with 43 authors.

Sign-up format
Character and/or pairing:
3 things you'd like in your fic:
3 things you don't want:
Can write:
Can't write:

Affiliates and Announcements


Announcements of other BSG-related ficathons, challenges, etc, can be posted here. At present, it's open posting, although that may change.

The community is presently maintained by seldear. If you'd like to be affiliated, drop me a mail.

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